我可以如何在網站付款?How do I pay through this website?


The following third-party payment processers are used: Stripe, Oceanpayment, and PayPal, accepting payments from Mastercard, Visa, Alipay, WeChat Pay and PayPal. Payment processes are secured by SSL ciphers.

你們接受送往香港離島或其他偏遠地區的訂單嗎?Do you accept orders that require delivery to Hong Kong’s outlying islands and other remote areas?


Orders that require delivery to any district in Hong Kong except Sha Tau Kok and other military restricted areas. However, delivery to outlying islands may be delayed. For details, kindly refer to our website’s Delivery and Returns Policy.

你們接受海外訂購嗎?Do you accept orders that require overseas delivery?



In addition to those that require delivery to Hong Kong, Macau, and areas in mainland China, orders are accepted that require delivery to 42 countries and regions as stated below:

USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

運送一般需要多長時間?How long does the delivery normally take?


Delivery to areas in Hong Kong or Macau normally takes 3-5 working days. Delivery to other countries or regions normally takes 7-14 working days. For details, kindly refer to our website’s Delivery and Returns Policy.

我可如何查詢貨品的運送進度?How do I keep track of my order?


Delivery services to Hong Kong and Macau are provided through SF Express Logistics Company, and those to other countries or regions through e-Express of Hongkong Post. You will receive a track and trace from the service providers.

運費將如何計算?What are the rates of delivery?


Our website has a calculator for delivery charge based on the overall weight of your order (inclusive of the packaging). Good news is any purchase of over HKD$500 has its delivery charge waived. For details, kindly refer to our website’s Delivery and Returns Policy.

你們會為貨品派送購買保險嗎?Is your delivery insured?


Yes. To protect your rights, delivery to countries or regions outside Hong Kong and Macau is insured up to a limit of HKD$5000.

你們接受退貨嗎?Do you accept returns?


1. 收貨時發現貨品出現破損;

2. 收到的貨品與您所訂購的貨品種類或數量不符;

3. 收貨時發現貨品已過期。


Within 14 days upon receipt of our item, provided the return conditions specified below are met, returns and exchanges will be arranged, with extra delivery charges due to the returns or exchanges to be borne by us:

  1. The item is found to be defective upon receipt;
  2. The item received is inconsistent with your order in terms of type and/or quantity;
  3. The item has expired upon receipt.

For details, kindly refer to our website’s Delivery and Returns Policy.

你們會如何運用我的個人資料?How do you use my personal information?


1. 網站


2. 通訊


3. 客戶支持


4. 市場營銷


5. 研究與開發


6. 安全和調查


7. 其他


Your personal information will be used for the purposes below:

  1. Website
    To operate and maintain our website and the products and services provided through our website. For example, your personal data may be used to fulfill your pre-orders and purchases, including processing of payments.
  2. Communication
    Where permitted by law, to communicate with you by email, phone calls, mail, and by posting notices on our website, among others.
  3. Customer Support
    To provide support for inquiries and issues related to customer services, for example, investigating, responding, and resolving complaints and service issues.
  4. Marketing
    To conduct marketing and promotion, for example, developing marketing strategies and promotional activities such as competition and lucky draws, and fulfilling any relevant rewards or discounts.
  5. Research and Development
    To conduct research, analysis, record keeping, and report; development and trial of new products, functions, and concepts; understanding our clientele; development and improvement in our website, products, and services.
  6. Security and Investigations
    To maintain the security of our website, using your personal information in verifying your identity, investigating or preventing possible fraud or any other activity which may violate our Terms of Use or this Privacy Statement and/ or any message related to any activity which may harm others.
  7. Others
    To achieve other stated and confirmed purposes upon collection of such personal information, or any other purpose upon your agreement.

我的個人私隱會如何受你們保障?How is my personal privacy protected?


Your privacy is our top priority. A corresponding Privacy Policy has been developed to protect your rights. For details, please refer to the relevant page on our website.