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Our delivery service covers Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, mainland China and overseas regions. Delivery is arranged within 1 to 3 days upon confirmation of order.

Delivery to Hong Kong and Macau
  1. Delivery service to Hong Kong (inclusive of outlying islands, excluding Sha Tau Kok and other military restricted areas) and Macau is provided by SF Express Logistics Company. Delivery charges are based on weight and are automatically generated by the system upon payment. Good news is any purchase of over HKD$500 has its delivery charge waived for delivery within Hong Kong.

  2. Apart from local delivery, you may choose to collect your orders at Circle K branches, 7-11 branches, SF Stores, SF Business Stations, and EF-Lockers around Hong Kong. Kindly refer to SF’s website for addresses of its pickup points.

  3. It takes SF 1-3 working days upon collection of your order from us to deliver it to your chosen location. For orders to be collected at pickup points, you will receive a verification code through SMS as soon as the orders arrive at the pickup points. Delivery to outlying islands may be delayed according to corresponding arrangements solely by SF Express. Kindly refer to SF’s website for more details.

  4. The fee for local delivery of 1kg or less is HKD$38, with an additional charge of HKD$6 per 0.5kg thereafter. The fee for delivery to Macau weighing 1kg or below is HKD$42, with an additional charge of HKD$6 per 0.5kg thereafter. Weight in decimal kg will be rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg.

Delivery to mainland China and overseas regions
  1. Delivery service to regions outside Hong Kong or Macau will be provided through e-Express, which supports delivery to the 43 countries and regions as stated below:

    USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa


  2. The US delivery area includes US P.O. box, overseas US military bases and all overseas territories of the US (e.g. Samoa (U.S.A. Territory), Guam, Marina Islands (Northern), Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands of the U.S.A., Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, Wake Island, Caroline Islands, etc.).

  3. Delivery time may vary between 7 and 14 working days or even longer, depending on factors such as flight arrangement, customs clearance, and weather. The delivery service provider or we will send a tracking number to the email address you provide for you to track the delivery status of your order.

  4. If the total weight of your order, inclusive of packaging, is above 2kg, we will split your order into two or more packages for delivery, with separate postage. If the total weight of your order exceeds 4 kg, our system will display the postage as HK$0. Upon your payment of the order, we will contact you by email to request further payment of the required postage. Upon receiving that payment, we will arrange delivery accordingly.

  5. Shipment fees are calculated according to destined countries or regions and the total weight of the order. The lowest total starting weight is 100 grams, with a starting charge of HKD$44, and thereafter at intervals of 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 1.5 kg, and 2 kg, additional charges are tiered according to destinations of delivery. Packages over 2 kg and under 4 kg will be split into two packages for delivery. The postage of the second package will be charged according to the same criteria and will be charged to you at system checkout.

  6. To protect your consumer rights, we purchase additional insurance for each individual overseas mail item (excluding those delivered to Mexico or South Africa) up to a limit of HKD$5000. For relevant compensation policy, please refer to the website of Hongkong Post.

  7. International shipping costs may be adjusted in time according to a third logistics party. We reserve the right to make the final decision and ask you to make up for the difference in shipping costs.

Delivery terms and conditions
  1. Before shipment, your order will be sealed with added moisture-proofing agent to ensure the quality of the tea is intact. If the order is damaged or lost due to the negligence of the logistics company during the course of delivery, you may refuse collection of the order, and contact us to arrange another delivery.

  2. Delivery may be delayed due to such seasonal factors as large-scale sales events and festivals. Please be patient or contact the logistics company to keep track of the delivery.

  3. The third-party logistics company will arrange delivery according to the address you provide. Once confirmed, the address cannot be changed. If you need assistance, please contact us by email.

  4. We will not be responsible for delay or non-delivery due to incorrect or incomplete addresses. Redelivery with extra charge may be arranged for orders made on our website if the delivery is returned to us because of incomplete address, post office box or hotel address, failed multiple attempts of delivery, refusal by the recipient to pay taxes or produce ID card or accept the package, or any other reasons.

  5. We shall not be liable for any unexpected event that causes delivery failure or delay due to force majeure. Such factors and accidents include but are not limited to natural disasters, fires, floods, epidemics of infectious diseases, wars, civil wars, sabotage, strikes, and changes to government prohibitions, laws or regulations.

  6. We reserve the right of final decision in case of dispute.

Return and refund policy
  1. Within 14 days upon receipt of our item, provided the return conditions specified below are met, returns and exchanges will be arranged, with extra delivery charges due to the returns or exchanges to be borne by us:

    The item is found to be defective upon receipt;
    II. The item received is inconsistent with your order in terms of type and/or quantity;
    III. The item has expired upon receipt.

  2. Gifts are not returnable. Goods that have been opened, used, labelled as non-returnable, are not in their original conditions due to non-logistics reasons, are damaged, or are missing parts, cannot be exchanged.

  3. We provide return and exchange services only for purchases made through this website. You may contact us by phone or email during office hours from Monday to Friday to make return and exchange arrangements. When returning or exchanging, please produce relevant shopping receipts for verification.

  4. Each item is eligible for return or exchange for once, has to be in its original conditions, sealed with the moisture-proof agent and shatter-resistant packaging that come with the package, and returned to G/F, 39 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong.

  5. If the package of goods is returned due to the reasons listed in point 4 of the section of "Delivery Terms and Conditions", you may opt for refund. We will deduct from the refundable amount the paid postage, handling fee of third-party payment platform, and 15% of the total product amount as a refund handling fee. The remainder will be returned to your account.

  6. We do not accept refund without reason and we reserve the right of final decision.

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